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At last, an easy-to-use but powerful PIM and To-Do Windows application - with a flexible interface
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13 May 2009

Editor's review

Agenda At Once is complete but yet simple and easy to use PIM software. User interface is carefully designed so it doesn`t get in your way while everything you need is right there on the main screen.

Pros: Agenda At Once contains tasks list, appointments schedule and a notes module. These are completely searchable. Appointments can be scheduled every half an hour starting from 8 AM to 11 PM in the night. The notes module is a free format text editor to collect spontaneous thoughts that strikes us during a day. Day & time tagging can be done. Any relevant file can be attached to a note when it’s relevant. There’s a calendar available for the current month which can be browsed through for indefinite time forward and backward.

Tasks can have priorities assigned. They can be delegated to appropriate people in the team and settings from a pop up screen help making relevant selections. Contacts is another feature available on the package. When required a relevant screen pops up, no space is assigned on the main user screen for contacts.

The user interface lets you manage all the features of to do list management, schedule planner, contacts and notes software modules. Learning time is minimal and the menus and icons are intuitive, besides each show labels when it is moused over. Demand on system resources is claimed to be minimal.

Cons: If you are using an application like outlook or Outlook Express, there’s no functionality provided by this package that cannot be met. However, if you have not invested in these tools then for a small cost of ownership this application makes a lot of sense.

Overall a nice package, easy to learn, easy to use and caters to quite a few needs of most people in business. This application is certainly a 4 star candidate.

Publisher's description

At last, an easy-to-use but powerful PIM and To-Do Windows application - with a flexible interface that really supports you in managing your personal data. Agenda At Once combines the best aspects of other personal organizer applications.
It's a complete PIM system, integrating to-do management, scheduling and planning, contact and note functions. In addition, it is easy to use and responsive, while being feature-packed but not power-hungry. With its optimally-designed interface, Agenda At Once will rapidly put you in charge of your - or your team's - personal information. You'll be saving time and accomplishing so much more that you'll be wondering how you even managed without it.
Agenda At Once
Agenda At Once
Version 3.2.1
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